Men’s Weekend 2017

Wow, what a real blessing it was at the Man Up men’s weekend event at Westwood Christian Centre that took place between 22nd & 24th September.

16 men stayed the full weekend and we were joined by another 10 men as day visitors on the Saturday.

Men were heartily fed, both physically and spritually and the Fellowship was excellent.

A huge thank you to Pastor Johnny Haigh for his teaching on the Saturday and to Les Phillips on Sunday for communion and bringing men into an intimate time of sharing with each other.

The men were lead in worship by Niall Mitchell and we thank him for his special gift.

There were many others that made the weekend so special and it was great to see men from different denominations coming alongside each other for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

As we each face our “Goliath” type battles, remember to put on the Full Armour of God and run forth with courage and conviction for if God is for us, who can be against us !